Dr. Barry Wellar, formerly Professor of Geography and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ottawa, 1979-2005, has been a dedicated and visionary mentor, researcher and public interest advocate over the length of his career as an academic, senior public servant, and consultant.

In 2004, Dr. Wellar received the President's Award for Service to the University through Media and Community Relations. This prestigious award is given in recognition of outstanding service to the University and to the larger community through contributions of materials and expert opinion to the media. As a principal in more than 800 media stories from the local to national levels, Dr. Wellar was a most deserving recipient of the President's Award.

In conjunction with the President's Award being presented to Dr. Wellar, the Wellar Virtual Library Project (WVLP) was launched in 2005. The WVLP was funded by the Office of the Vice President Academic and Provost, University of Ottawa, and provides a means of illustrating the exemplary work for which Barry Wellar was recognized as a recipient of the President's Award.

The Wellar Virtual Library (WVL) is a digital archive of a selection of documents that attest to his service to the University and the larger community through the media.

The articles included in the WVL are initially listed according to the criteria of the President's Award (Media for the Citizen, Academic/Professional Media, and Community Relations), and they are then combined in a master list.

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