A number of publications pertinent to the creation and mission of the Information Research Board (IRB) Inc. are posted on various  websites, including Wellar Consulting Inc., Slideshare, and URISA.

The current, major IRB investigation into significantly improving public access to public records held by Canada’s municipal, provincial, and federal governments is the product of dozens of previous investigations. The following, selected publications may provide guidance for readers wishing to know more about the body of research underlying the access to public records project.

IRB Inc. Publication Program, 2019-2030

The lead publication for a current project is titled, Chronicling the Use of Transparency and Accountability as Political Buzzwords, and as Drivers Ensuring the Standard of Access to Public Records in Canada is Best Practice.

Future publications from this investigation into the state of public access to public records in Canada include interim reports, as well as a final report. Tentative titles and anticipated publication dates of interim reports will be listed to inform readers of research productions in progress, and will be e-accessible at this site upon completion.

Similarly, publications in progress from other investigations will be listed, and will also be e-accessible at this site upon completion.